What happens to my report?

Reports are retained by MySafeCampus™, a third party web-based system, and submitted to appropriate personnel while protecting the identity of the user. Your report is not publicly available at any time and will only be seen by approved campus personnel.

If I believe a crime has been committed and I know the name of the perpetrator, but the victim has not come forward, what should I do?

You can report the name of anyone suspected of a crime: student, coach, faculty, or campus administration.

How safe is my report?

MySafeCampus™ uses SSL technology, which is the standard procedure to encrypt data that is being transferred between the user's machine and our server. Any computer or Internet connection may be used to submit a report.

If I submit a report and identify a suspected perpetrator, will he/she be notified of my report and investigated?

The reporting party is covered under the "whistle-blower" statutes protection, which describes how a report can be filed by "un-named."

Is MySafeCampus™ affiliated with any religious or political organization?

MySafeCampus™ is an independent, third party incident reporting system that has been retained by your campus to report crimes, threats, and violence so they can be investigated and prevented. MySafeCampus™ is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.