What is MySafeCampus

Confidential. Anonymous. Safe.

MySafeCampus® is the best way for you to communicate anonymously and confidentially to make your workplace safer and more productive. The purpose of MySafeCampus® is to create a bridge between users/employees and individuals within your organization. Through a secure system, MySafeCampus® transmits data to the appropriate individuals within your organization while protecting the identity of the user, if the user chooses to remain anonymous. MySafeCampus® is available 24/7/365 via the web site or by calling our call center. Please refer to our US/Canada and International list of numbers on our home page. Issues such as ethics violations, theft, fraud, discrimination, harassment, and substance abuse are serious issues that are often not reported and can be detrimental in the workplace and to the organization as a whole. These issues can be reported to the appropriate personnel within your organization for investigation and action without fear of revealing your name. MySafeCampus® is a secure, third party anonymous incident reporting system not affiliated with any religious or political group.

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How does it work?

From any Internet connection or telephone, you can provide details of an incident to MySafeCampus®. You have the choice to remain anonymous or reveal your identity. If you choose, you can reveal the name(s) and contact information of suspected violators. The report and your identity are encrypted using state-of-the-art SSL encryption technology. You will receive an access number and create a password. This will allow you to anonymously check on updates and status of your incident report. Once submitted, only appropriate individuals within your organization will have access to the report.

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Be Heard. Make a Difference.

You have a voice. With MySafeCampus®, you can take action anonymously to make your organization a safer place and stop serious violations from occurring. In just a few minutes, you can create and submit an incident report that describes what has happened or what may happen. Using an anonymous access code and personal password, you can come back and check on updates and status of your incident report and send/receive messages and updates, to and from your organization.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Stop the Silence.

What happens when things are spinning out of control? Ethics violations, fraud, crimes and violence are seldom isolated events. Crimes and violence are often not reported due to fears of being identified. You no longer need to stay silent if you've witnessed a crime or an act of violence has been committed against you or someone else. Take action anonymously so the problem can be solved. Confidential. Safe. Anonymous. MySafeCampus®.

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